Bio Zip
  Powder Detergent  
Bio Zip
Powder Detergent Cleans Even Better!

The new Bio Zip with Co-Enzymes technology provides more powerful and effective cleaning performance than before. It makes laundry easy and effortless due to the new innovative advanced formula. Anti Bacterial with Germ Shield Active to keep fabric hygienic clean, effectively and efficiently removes tough and stubborn stains especially at cuffs, collars and bottom of armholes.

With its Advanced Formulation, Bio Zip powder detergent works extremely well on all types of clothes and fabric. It remains powerful cleaning effect even with cool water, whether machine or hand wash.

Available In Philippines: The new Bio Zip powder detergent is available in 4kg and 8kg pack size with two pleasant fresh scents: Color and Aloe Vera.

Protect color fabric and keep
color bright.
  Aloe Vera
Extra care with Aloe Vera extract which is well known to be gentle
on skin.

Suitable for Washing Machine and Hand Wash

Why hand wash? Different level of care for different clothes that require extra care, such as lace, lingerie, wool, silk or very dark colors clothes, hand washing can be more general.

When it comes to question like “can we use hand washing powder in a washing machine?” The answer is No. Do you know that hand wash detergent produces a lot of suds that is tough for an automatic washing machine to clean our clothes properly? Especially for low water usage washing machines. Unwanted soap residues may be left behind on our clothes or it can possibly clog up the pores and damage our washing machine. However, the Bio Zip Advanced Formula is able to accommodate a better cleaning effect for both washing machine and hand wash.

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