September 2014

Clarification on “Gutter Oil” reports in Taiwan and Hong Kong Malaysia  

MALAYSIA, September 10, 2014, Wednesday – In view of the recent media reports regarding the use of “gutter oil” in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Lam Soon (M) Bhd confirms that we do not use “gutter oil”.

Lam Soon (M) Bhd is a different legal entity from Lam Soon Hong Kong. Its owners, board of directors, management and operations are unconnected to Lam Soon Hong Kong’s. A company spokesman says “All food products of Lam Soon (M) Bhd are Halal certified and such certification are renewed every 2 years. In addition, our manufacturing plants are subject to stringent quality controls and, certified with ISO and HACCP quality standards before being released for sale.”

Lam Soon (M) Bhd does not buy oil from or sell oil to Lam Soon Hong Kong or any Taiwanese companies.

Lam Soon (M) Bhd would like to reiterate that all its products are safe for consumption.


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